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The State of Post-Moratoria Real Estate Investing

While the situation in 2008 was dismal, the situation now is less threatening. When the pandemic is over and the fallout from the moratoria lifting has passed, the market should return to its previous pre-pandemic state. Real estate investors should be looking for opportunities.

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The Multifamily Market Is Strong But Nuanced

Now that the economy is picking up again, a vaccination plan has been implemented, and businesses are getting back to steady-state operations, it’s time to review the multi-family housing sector. Overall, multi-family housing is strong and healthy, but there are a few speed bumps.

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The Retail Market Comeback

Based on the level of consumer excitement in NYC to finally be back, construction of the commercial spaces will resume. Shopping centers such as The Hudson Yards Mall will always be a hit. People from around the world come to NYC to visit the Vessel and all of the luxury stores across from it.

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Single-family Rentals are Having a Post-pandemic Moment

There’s a lot of news behind the sudden surge in the single-family rental market, but it’s all driven by two factors that ought not to be news: The economy is basically good. People are basically good. Of course, both those statements are controversial and we’ll discuss them one at a time but, for now, let’s take a look at where SFRs have been and where they are now.

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